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Criminal Defense

It is often said good people make mistakes or that good people do things they later regret. It is also true that despite the best intentions of law enforcement, people are charged with doing things they simply did not do. Whatever the reason, people get charged by the Government with criminal offenses and this is what necessitates the role of the criminal defense attorney in our society. 

Experience Matters

Regardless of what you're facing from a legal perspective, it's paramount to work with a law firm that has a good amount of experience related to criminal defense issues. Our team has the experience to provide you with legal options related to your specific case and ensure you have a seasoned criminal defense attorney working on your side! 

We Defend

The law office of Gary M. Wilson is dedicated to providing this type of service to individuals charged with criminal offenses. Since becoming a criminal defense attorney servicing the southwest Missouri area in 1987, Mr. Wilson has acquired extensive experience in handling criminal matters ranging from murder, armed robbery and assault to driving while intoxicated and drug possession charges.