Passionate Springfield Criminal Defense Attorney Fights for Those Accused of Crimes

Experienced Missouri lawyer handles a variety of criminal defense matters

Being accused of a crime can have serious and life-altering consequences, especially if you are convicted. At Gary M. Wilson, LLC in Springfield, Missouri, I represent clients throughout the area in many types of criminal defense cases. Having almost 35 years of experience, I know how to address complex issues and create convincing defense strategies that effectively challenge the prosecution’s cases. Whether you were charged with DUI, domestic battery or aggravated assault, I will work tirelessly to determine the best method of achieving a favorable result.

Defense attorney effectively asserts clients’ rights

When facing criminal charges, you need immediate and dedicated legal representation. I understand the stakes and how the nuances of the law can affect the outcome of your case. Clients trust me to defend their rights because I offer:

  • Experience as a litigator — Having served as a federally-appointed public defender, I have established myself as a highly skilled trial advocate with decades of courtroom experience.
  • Thorough strategies — Painstaking investigation is the best way to develop winning legal strategies, and I will take the time to learn every aspect of your case in order to build a strong defense.
  • Detailed analysis of the potential long-term consequences — I will give you a comprehensive and honest explanation of the possible penalties and other consequences that may result from the charges against you.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side increases the likelihood of a positive outcome, and I will use established methods to attack the prosecution’s case.

Providing strong representation to Springfield-area residents who have been arrested

I deliver zealous and attentive representation to Springfield-area residents in criminal defense matters, including cases stemming from the following types of allegations:

  • Domestic violence crimes — Allegations of abuse against a spouse, partner or family member can bring significant penalties. I represent clients accused of domestic violence crimes and will see that facts are accurately presented to judges and juries.
  • Assault and battery — Purported threats and acts of violence can lead to severe punishment. If you were accused of assault and battery, my firm will defend you against such charges and use all available legal options to counter unsupported claims.
  • Guns and weapons crimes — Prosecutors often demand the maximum sentence cases related to gun and weapons crimes, so I strive to gather the best existing evidence to dispute the state’s claims.
  • Traffic violations — Driving citations can seem harmless, but an improper citation could trigger fines, license suspension and other penalties. I help clients contest traffic violations, including reckless driving charges and DUI/DWI, and will work to protect your driving privileges.
  • Theft — My firm represents clients in all types of theft cases and will strongly advocate for you at trial and at all contested hearings.
  • Drug crimes — Overzealous prosecution is not uncommon in drug cases. I help clients fight drug crime allegations and question whether the charges are appropriate and whether evidence was collected legally.

Criminal cases can feel overwhelming and complex, but I can adeptly address even the most complicated of issues and welcome the opportunity to review the facts of your case.

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